To Our Clients & Prospective Clients -- As of March 18, 2020, Starr & Starr, PLLC remains open for business during the current Corona virus (COVID-19) crisis. We remain in communications with our clients by phone, email and our secure file share site. We are scheduling telephone consultations by phone and video chat. At this time the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, the U.S. District Courts and New York State Court system are all open. We are continuing to file new cases and process our existing cases.

We hope everyone stays safe throughout these difficult times.

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The following are some representative testimonials and "Thank You" notes and cards received from our clients:

NYC personal bankruptcy client: I just wanted to send a note to say "Thank you!" You made a very difficult situation much easier to comprehend and cope with - considering the decisions that one gets/comes to when facing bankruptcy. I wish you the best.

- [K.C.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: I want to to thank you very very much for your kind and considerate assistance on every step of the process. You saved me from a huge burden and I feel much happier, less stressed and capable of advancing my life further. THANK YOU!!!

- [M.T.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: You have done a wonderful job and you have made what was an extremely difficult situation less difficult.

- [W.M.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: I cannot thank you enough for your time, patience, counsel and direction . . . I really appreciate all you did for me.

- [J.B.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: Thank you so much for all you have done. Your expertise truly made this experience much better than expected. . . . After seeing the other people in court I'm so glad I had you on my side.

- [E.S.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: I want to especially thank you for all your hard work and extra time you spent on our case and for your diligent work.

- [J.J.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: You were always very accessible and knowledgeable about your field. You were also patient with me. . . Thank you for everything and best wishes for your future endeavors.

- [B.C.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client: Thank you for all your expertise, your thorough and honest approach, and professional guidance. . . [name withheld -- her newborn daughter] is the delight of my life and now we can move forward and build a strong financial future.

- [S.K.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client:  Just wanted to thank you for all your help getting me through the bankruptcy process. As Stephen must have shared with you yesterday, it looks like it has been resolved in my favor—a big weight off of my shoulders.  Trust me. You are so organized and thorough. You made it a much more manageable experience and as pleasant as one could want given the situation. Thank you so very much. I look forward to recommending you whenever I can.

- [D.W.]

NYC personal bankruptcy client with two investment properties out-of-state: Thank you very much for all your superb work in counseling and guiding me through my bankruptcy proceedings. Your advice and efforts on my behalf have been invaluable and greatly appreciated. The success of my final discharge is all due to the great work you provided on my behalf. The work of Starr & Starr is superb, of the highest quality. The leadership and advice you offered and guided me through has been irreplaceable. I highly recommend Starr & Starr to anyone who may need an attorney of the highest caliber. I would also be honored to be a reference for you if you have any potential clients who are looking for a reference and strong recommendation. Many thanks again for leading me through the entire bankruptcy process which lead to my successful discharge.

- [W.S.]

Long Island personal bankruptcy client (with primarily business related debts): I really appreciate the way in which you guided me through the entire process. The decision to file bankruptcy is a very difficult one emotionally, even when it becomes the obvious course of action to take. My initial consultation with you enabled me to to make this decision; a step I avoided taking for a long period of time. . . You were very thorough throughout the entire process, so I was totally prepared for the Meeting of Creditors. The hearing went very smoothly, and now I feel that a great burden has been lifted from me. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is considering filing for bankruptcy in the future.

- [H.W.]

NJ personal bankruptcy client (upon being advised discharge order entered in her case): Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news! [N.K.]

- [N.K.]

NYC consumer client represented in vacating default judgment: Just wanted to let you know that my bank account has been unfrozen -- I was able to withdraw money tonight from the ATM. Thank you again for all of your help.

- [H.M.]

NYC consumer client represented in obtaining dismissal of credit card collection case (upon being advised of dismissal of case): Thank you for all your good work. This is good news to come back from vacation to.

- [L.L.]

NYC consumer client represented in obtaining favorable settlement with a foreign hotel's insurance company for alleged damage done to hotel room by client (a case other attorneys declined as being too complicated as involving international law issues):  Thanks a lot Stephen, It was a blessing I hired your firm to represent me in this legal matter and I SO HAPPY WITH THE FINAL RESOLUTION! Thank you ! God Bless you!

- [S.P.]

Corporate client (commercial landlord) represented as a creditor in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case (in response to payment we obtained for the client): Amazing . . . 5 years! I had my doubts that anything would come of it. Thanks for all your work and persistence on this.

- [B.N.]

Corporate client (commercial landlord) represented as a creditor in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case: My father and I, and the [other] owners are very grateful for your help. Without your immediate attention to this matter to the conference call last month, we most likely would still not be rid of this tenant. Thank you very much for all your help on this matter..

- [C.T.]

Corporate client represented as a creditor in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case: We truly appreciate your help and guidance during this process.

- [N.A.]

Corporate client represented as debtor in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case. I hope you will accept my and [my company's] thanks for the skill and hard work you dedicated to this project over many months. We got great results, expert advice, and your responsiveness to many questions that were posed and to the twists and turns of this matter that were often not routine, was always immediate, helpful, and professional.

- [E.B.]

Out-of-state counsel represented in getting relief from stay in chapter 11 airline case: Thank you very much for your successful service. Thanks again.

- [G.D.]

In-house counsel of corporate client represented as creditor in unpaid commercial debt case.  Thank you Stephen for working hard on this matter and assisting in a great recovery! We are happy to be able to finally close this one out with such a good result. Good Job!

- [P.H.]

New York State based corporate client represented as creditor owed unpaid invoices in collections matter and subsequent judgment enforcement: I am delighted to report that Starr & Starr, PLLC just completed what we thought was impossible – the collection of a . . . [significant debt owed to us] that was over 2 years old. The perseverance of Stephen Z. Starr and his team was absolutely incredible. They did everything they promised to do, and we would recommend this firm to anyone.

- [G.W.]

Hong Kong based corporate client represented as creditor owed unpaid invoices in collections action in NY Supreme Court and subsequent judgment enforcement: It has been a great pleasure working with you in the past year. We would not have attained successful recovery without your professional advice. Thank you again and we will certainly recommend your services to others when such opportunity occurs.

- [G.C.]

South Africa based client (landlord) represented as creditor in obtaining recognition in NY Supreme Court of South African default judgment and subsequent judgment enforcement: I am so pleased we have been successful in this matter and I will be glad to see some payments coming my way at last. . . . I think you have done an outstanding job for me so far and I am most grateful for all your input and hard work. . . . I am very glad to have chosen you for this matter and thank you for your diligence.

- [M..F.]