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The Manhattan NY based boutique law firm of Starr & Starr, PLLC focuses on Bankruptcy Law, Collections and Civil Litigation matters. We help debtors and creditors, collection agencies, companies including small businesses and entrepreneurs, individuals and families with their bankruptcy, collections and litigation matters.

PERSONAL BANKRUPTCY - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. We can help you stop garnishments, stop foreclosure, stop debt collectors, and stop law suits by having the bankruptcy lawyers at Starr & Starr, PLLC file chapter 7 bankruptcy for you. Our New York bankruptcy lawyers can help you save your house, save your apartment, save your car, freeze foreclosure, freeze lawsuits, and stop eviction by helping you file chapter 13 bankruptcy where you can cure defaults over time and pay off a portion of your debts in a chapter 13 wage earner repayment plan. Evening and weekend consultations available.

BUSINESS BANKRUPTCY - Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. We are Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law as bankruptcy specialists. We represent debtor companies in chapter 7 liquidations, out of court workouts and corporate debt restructuring in chapter 11 reorganizations. We also handle assignments for the benefit of creditors and receivership applications.

COLLECTIONS - The New York Collections Attorneys at Starr & Starr, PLLC, can help you recover the debt owed to you. We help all types of businesses, including small businesses, collect past-due receivables owed to them by corporate and business debtors, and individuals.

CIVIL LITIGATION AND BANKRUPTCY LITIGATION - If you have been sued by a creditor, trustee, liquidating trustee or debtor in possession (DIP) in state court, federal court, bankruptcy court, or arbitration proceeding, the NY Litigation Attorneys at Starr & Starr, PLLC can help you defend the lawsuit. Our New York Bankruptcy Attorneys also represent plaintiffs and defendants in litigation and mediation in bankruptcy court, including preference actions seeking to avoid preferential transfers, and avoidance actions seeking to avoid fraudulent transfers.

CREDITORS' RIGHTS & JUDGMENT ENFORCEMENT - If you are a creditor or judgment creditor and are tired of waiting to get paid, the New York Litigation Attorneys at Starr & Starr, PLLC, are aggressive creditors' rights attorneys and will vigorously represent you to enforce your rights.

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