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Stephen Z. Starr has been recognized as Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification. Please note that the American Board of Certification is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any governmental authority. Certification by the American Board of Certification is not a mandatory requirement for practicing law in the State of New York and does not inherently indicate superior competence compared to other attorneys experienced in this specialized field of law.

Starr & Starr, PLLC, operates as a law firm that provides comprehensive legal assistance, including guidance on bankruptcy proceedings under the Bankruptcy Code. As part of our services, we may be deemed a Debt Relief Agency.

The information presented on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion. Visiting this website or accessing its content does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and Starr & Starr, PLLC. It is imperative that you refrain from making legal decisions or relying solely on the information provided herein without consulting with an attorney who can assess your unique circumstances.

While we strive to maintain accuracy and currency, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information contained on this website.

Please be advised that any information transmitted to Starr & Starr, PLLC via Internet email or text message, or through this website, is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis. Communications via this website, whether in part or in whole, including email or text message correspondence, do not establish an attorney-client relationship between Starr & Starr, PLLC and the sender or recipient.


An "Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment Meeting" is allotted a maximum duration of 20-30 minutes. The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate the feasibility and appropriateness of potential bankruptcy solutions and to determine whether Starr & Starr, PLLC can provide representation.

Please note that a single initial consultation and needs assessment meeting will be provided per individual debtor group or business entity group and its owners.

The purpose of an initial consultation and needs assessment meeting is not to provide legal advice, counsel on specific actions, or address individual legal queries. A complimentary initial consultation and needs assessment meeting do not extend to the following matters: (a) defendants in pending litigation or judgment enforcement proceedings, (b) debtors in ongoing bankruptcy cases, (c) individuals or entities seeking a second opinion while already represented by legal counsel, (d) personal bankruptcy cases where a single debtor has an annual income exceeding $150,000, or married debtors have a combined annual income of $200,000 or more, assets exceed $1.5 million (regardless of net equity), or debt exceeds $1 million, (e) business bankruptcy matters where the corporation or LLC's gross annual revenue exceeds $1 million, assets surpass $1 million (regardless of net equity), or debt exceeds $2 million. Starr & Starr, PLLC reserves the right to decline to provide a complimentary initial consultation and needs assessment for matters not meeting the aforementioned criteria, as determined by the firm's attorneys. Failure to complete and return an Initial Consultation Form, necessary for making such determinations, may result in the cancellation of any scheduled meeting.

We evaluate contingency fee arrangements on a case-by-case basis and retain the discretion to accept or reject any claim. At present, we are not accepting new contingency fee debt collection or judgment enforcement matters. Additionally, we do not handle Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) lending matters, Confessions of Judgment (COJ) associated with MCA transactions, claims against consumer debtors, child support or small claims matters, or judgments.

Client Reviews
I just wanted to send a note to say "Thank you!" You made a very difficult situation much easier to comprehend and cope with - considering the decisions that one gets/comes to when facing bankruptcy. I wish you the best. K.C.
I want to to thank you very very much for your kind and considerate assistance on every step of the process. You saved me from a huge burden and I feel much happier, less stressed and capable of advancing my life further. THANK YOU!!! M.T.
You have done a wonderful job and you have made what was an extremely difficult situation less difficult. W.M.